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Cecinas Nieto

We are a mere 3 km from Astorga (León). Geographically-speaking, we are located in the northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula, in the western part of the province of León (the region of Castilla and León), and at an altitude of 858 meters.

The weather reflects the products made here. The hot, dry summers and cold winters, with long freezes, and surrounding mountains together create the perfect environment for the preparation of dried beef Cecina de León.

How to get here

From the A-6 motorway: Exit 329 (from Madrid) or exit 333 (from Galicia).

If driving from León: N-120 to Astorga, taking the motorway from Madrid to La Coruña in the direction of Ponferrada. The factory is three kilometres from the motorway.

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