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Product: cuts of Cecina de León IGP

Cuts of Cecina de Leon IGP

Cecina de León comes from the hind quarters of mature cattle (5 years old or older). The smoke-cured beef that Cecinas Nieto produces comes from the four pieces that are cut from the back leg. The cuts are called: Silverside, Flank, Topside and Rump.

» Round: : A cut made up of the silverside and the round. Minimum weight 10 kg. (fresh).

» Center Leg: The cone shaped and flat mediolateral is the meatiest part of the leg. It is formed by the medial thigh muscles. Its minimum weight is 8 kg. (fresh).

» Stifle: Oval shape piece formed from the square thigh muscle. Its minimum weight is 7 kg. (fresh).

» Sirloin: Triangular shaped and made up of the mid gluteal, accessory, deep and hip twin muscles. Minimum weight 6 kg. (fresh).

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Cecinas Nieto
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